About Jurassic Fibre

We’re here to usher you into the full-fibre future, and this is where our journey begins.

The beginning of the Jurassic Fibre era

Jurassic was founded by CEO Michael Maltby, a resident of Sidmouth in East Devon. Michael has built fibre and similar networks around the world, including in Russia and the Caribbean, and his goal is to build the digital infrastructure you deserve to support your lifestyle in the 21st Century.

Jurassic Fibre is part of the Fern Trading Group, and has substantial funds available to deliver a top quality fibre broadband network for the South West. We are planning to invest over £250m into building a fibre network in Devon, Dorset and Somerset, passing over 300,000 homes, making gigabit speeds a reality.

With the valued support of our partners - who together form a world-class supply chain to deliver fibre to the region - we started to build in 2019, with continued growth always on the horizon.

We’re consistently grateful for the support of:


A word from Michael

Michael Maltby - Jurassic Fibre

Michael Maltby
CEO of Jurassic Fibre

Jurassic Fibre will be working with communities, councils, businesses and consumers to develop a new fibre to the premises network, bypassing the decades-old copper one that most homes and businesses still rely on for broadband and phone landlines in the South West.

Jurassic Fibre will be taking the internet experience for families and businesses to a whole new level, allowing people to be ‘truly digital’ in their day-to-day lives, making the digital plumbing of the South West a reality in the 21st century.

For you, the customer

Rest easy knowing that with Jurassic Fibre being a part of these industry bodies, you will always be heard.

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