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Get 150 Mbps broadband speeds for only £17.50 per month

Game, stream and connect with loved ones on a full-fibre network that does it all, with unbeatable prices starting from only £17.50 per month.

Current network status in the Exmouth area:

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Expanding your internet horizons

Everyone relies on the internet these days – from busy expanding businesses and bustling offices to your retired neighbours next door and their grandkids who visit on the weekends.

That’s why our fibre broadband packages range through a bunch of different usage levels so you can choose what’s right for you. You’ll never be pressured to pay for more than you need, and you’ll always get the speed you need to live life without broadband boundaries.

What’s happening in the Exmouth area?

Latest updates about the ultrafast full-fibre broadband and stories from local customers.

  • Does Full Fibre Broadband add value to your property?
    Just How Important is Full Fibre Broadband to Buyers? The requirement for full fibre broadband is right up there and second only to the overall size of the property. OMDIA’s survey also shows that high-speed broadband has shot to the no.2 position of buyers’ list of priorities. In the Southwest, estate agents even ranked fast internet as their buyer’s number one priority.
  • Jurassic Fibre supports first region-wide Esports Festival in the South West
    Ultrafast broadband provider Jurassic Fibre joined forces with Exeter College and Tech South West for the first ever Esports Festival in the South West.
  • Don’t let slow internet speeds ruin your game!
    Gamers, are you frustrated by slow internet speeds? Our blog provides some tips to improve your speed, and if that doesn’t work, switch to Jurassic Fibre to get ultrafast internet to keep you ahead of your competiton.