Landline phone with HomePhone

There’s something quite comforting about the gentle chime of a home phone. Add our HomePhone service to your ultrafast broadband and enjoy a fully-connected home.

A flexible home phone service

We’re all about putting the customer first. That’s why our HomePhone bundles come packed with a range of features and benefits designed to suit you – not the other way around.

Simple rates

With HomePhone, you’ll enjoy simple flat rates with no surprise additions. Know exactly what you’re paying and when.

No phone line required

Powered by our ultrafast full fibre connections, our HomePhone service doesn’t require a phone line and delivers crystal-clear calls no matter the distance.

Keep your number

Already have a home phone number that you don’t want to change? Don’t worry. Thanks to number porting, you won’t have to.

Rolling contract

Stay flexible with our 30-day rolling contracts and choose the HomePhone bundle that best suits you whenever you need it.

Need more minutes

No problem, add 100 minutes on the fly with our £1 boost packages.

International calling bundle

Connect with loved ones around the world with our international bundle. Dial up to 22 countries with your minutes, on top of standard UK calls.*

Upgrades and downgrades

Need more minutes? No problem. Upgrade or downgrade at any point in your contract, or add 100 minutes on the fly with our £1 boost packages.

Free cancellation

Should you need to end your HomePhone service, we won’t charge you a thing. All we require is 3 days’ notice, during which your service will end on your next billing date.

Introducing our HomePhone bundles

* All prices are excluding VAT

Also featuring…

Caller ID Display

Call Waiting

Last Caller

Call Protect

Are you ready for HomePhone?

New customers

For new customers, it’s as simple as requesting HomePhone at the time of placing an order for our broadband service.

Existing customers

Existing customers who are already deep in their favourite box set thanks to our broadband can simply request the HomePhone service by contacting our sales team on 01392 345 595.

HomePhone FAQs

For new customers it typically takes two weeks, but for existing customers who just want to add HomePhone, it will take two working days. Please call our customer care team on 01392 345600 if you need further assistance.

All you need to do is plug your handset’s RJ-11 cable connector to the TEL1 telephone port found at the back of your home router. If you need any assistance with this, our customer care team would be happy to help.

We will need your full name, address and phone number to be taken and placed on an order form. A Letter of Authority (LOA) will be posted to you, to be hand signed by you and returned to us. This needs to go along with the order form to our partner. On average, it will take about 8-12 days for porting to complete. We’ll give you a temporary number that can be used in the interim, while we do the switchover for you. Don’t cancel your services with your existing provider until the transfer process is complete.

International destinations included in our package are:

  • UK National – Landline
  • UK Mobile
  • Austria – Landline
  • Bulgaria – Landline
  • Canada – Landline + Mobile
  • Croatia – Landline
  • Cyprus – Landline
  • Czech – Landline
  • Denmark – Landline
  • Estonia – Landline
  • France – Landline
  • Greece – Landline
  • Hungary – Landline
  • Ireland – Landline
  • Italy – Landline
  • Netherlands – Landline
  • New Zealand – Landline
  • Norway – Landline
  • Portugal – Landline
  • Romania – Landline
  • Slovakia – Landline
  • Spain – Landline
  • Sweden – Landline
  • USA – Landline + Mobile

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