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Don’t settle for slow and unreliable broadband: discover ultrafast broadband solutions from Jurassic Fibre. Rest assured that we’ve been supporting homes and businesses across Somerset and the South West since 2018.

Okay, it’s fast. But what else?

We’re about more than just speed. Here’s what else you’ll get with Jurassic Fibre.

Local support

We are part of the communities we serve, giving us a vested interest in providing the best service possible

Choice of packages

You can choose the speed that suits your lifestyle or business, and we’ll make sure that’s the speed you get.

No cost increases

You’ll know exactly what you’re paying upfront, and that won’t change unless you decide to upgrade or downgrade.

Free installation

We’ll take care of your installation free of charge and can also help you switch provider, saving you the hassle.

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Start your journey to superfast broadband by viewing the plans from Jurassic Fibre. Whether it’s gaming that you love or hybrid working means you need faster connections, we have you covered.

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FAQS about Broadband in Somerset

The type of broadband you need will depend on the main uses of your internet. Are you an avid gamer? Do you work from home and upload large files? Full fibre broadband is the recommended broadband type as it brings fibre straight to your door, making your connection faster and more reliable. Use our postcode checker to see if we’re currently available in your area.

The ultrafast full fibre build is expanding in Somerset. Depending on your location will determine whether your home in Somerset currently is able to get connected to full fibre.  Building full fibre broadband depends on the existing infrastructure, in some remote or rural locations, the infrastructure required to support full fibre connections may not have been fully developed or upgraded yet. If you’re home in Somerset doesn’t have full fibre just yet, it’s likely it will soon!

Checking your internet speed is easy with our online speed checker. To ensure you get a true reading, it’s advised to connect your device (such as your laptop or desktop) to the router using an ethernet cable and then run the speed test. The test should take 30-60 seconds and provide you with your upload and download speeds. To run a speed test and for further information visit our speed checker page.

To find out if we can connect your home in Somerset, simply use our online postcode checker. Input your postcode, select your address and we’ll let know if we’re currently able to get you connected. If we haven’t quite reached your home just yet, register your interest and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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