The ultimate guide to testing your broadband speed: How to maximize performance and improve internet connection

Are you tired of slow internet speeds and buffering? It’s time to put your broadband...

10th July 2024 by Josh | 12 min read


Host your own Fanzone – watching the Euros in your garden

This year, a whopping 10.4 million people tuned into the opening match of the Euros...

5th July 2024 by Josh | 4 min read


Maintaining high-speed internet for high-speed sports

With the last of the F1 European triple-header races just around the corner, the 2024...

2nd July 2024 by Josh | 3 min read


How to improve your Wi-Fi signal and range

Frustrated at slow Wi-Fi speeds around the home? Find out how you can improve your signal strength and range with Jurassic Fibre.

5th June 2024 by Josh | 6 min read


2.4GHz vs 5GHz: What’s the difference?

Are you thinking of getting a new router or thinking about your current internet speed,...

4th June 2024 by Josh | 5 min read


What is a DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) functions as a phone book for the internet, translating human-readable website names, such as www.jurassic-fibre.com, into unique numerical identifiers known as IP addresses (e.g 185.147.244.). Computers use these IP addresses to locate and connect to each other online.

13th April 2024 by Josh | 3 min read


What is a Dongle?

The WiFi dongle is a small device that enables a computer or other device to connect to a wireless network. It typically plugs into a USB port on the computer or device and acts as a receiver/transmitter for WiFi signals.

13th April 2024 by Josh | 7 min read


Understanding internet jitters

Reliable internet access is not just about convenience; it’s the backbone of modern communication, productivity,...

2nd April 2024 by Josh | 5 min read


What is high ping and how to improve it?

Ping is a measure of how fast data travels from your device to a server on the internet and back. It's like a virtual echo – you send a small message (ping) to a server, and it replies. The time it takes for this round trip is your ping.

22nd March 2024 by Josh | 6 min read


What is Mesh Wi-Fi and how does it work?

If your home has areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or inconsistent, a Mesh Wi-Fi system can be really helpful. Traditional routers might struggle to reach every corner, leading to places with slow or no internet.

18th March 2024 by Josh | 4 min read


What is the best web browser for privacy?

Privacy browsing refers to the act of surfing the internet without being tracked by third parties, this means that website cookies, personal data, usernames and passwords and internet history will not be retained by the browser.

12th March 2024 by Josh | 6 min read


What is full fibre broadband?

Looking for info on full-fibre broadband? We explore this high-speed internet technology, including how it works, its benefits, and why it's important for the future of connectivity.

7th March 2024 by Josh | 7 min read