Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband in Yeovil

Okay, it’s fast. But what else?

We’re about more than just speed. Here’s what else you’ll get with Jurassic Fibre.

Local support

We are part of the communities we serve, giving us a vested interest in providing the best service possible.

Choice of packages

You can choose the speed that suits your lifestyle or business, and we’ll make sure that’s the speed you get.

No cost increases

You’ll know exactly what you’re paying upfront, and that won’t change unless you decide to upgrade or downgrade.

Free installation

We’ll take care of your installation free of charge and can also help you switch provider, saving you the hassle.

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Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband Packages in Yeovil

We have seen a massive uptake from residents within Yeovil who have one of our three packages installed and are now able to easily stream movies, play online games, have lag-free video calls and work/study from home without any interruptions to their service.

* All prices are excluding VAT

Our Yeovil network covers

We work with members of the local community who know the area well, care about the residents and do their best to maintain the natural beauty of the town while bringing faster, better broadband to the residents. Our network stretches to towns like Houndstone, Lufton, Thorne, Aldon, Preston Plucknett and Barwick who are enjoying the benefits of full fibre broadband for their families.

Businesses within the Pen Mill Trading Estate, Houndstone business park and Lufton and Lynx Trading Estates can connect to our broadband network and get ultrafast full fibre connectivity straight to their office.





Preston Plucknett


Pen Mill Trading Estate

Lynx Trading Estate

Houndstone Business Park

Lufton Trading Estate

Thinking about making the switch?

Use our postcode checker and find out if you can get connected ASAP.

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Broadband FAQs

To find out if you can get Jurassic Fibre in Yeovil, simply use our post code checker online which will let you know quickly if you can get connected to our full fibre network. If we aren’t able to connect you just yet, register your interest and we’ll be in touch when we can.

According to the Fair Internet report the average internet speed in Yeovil is 77Mbps, but with fibre broadband you can get up to 950Mbps which can support all your family’s devices, video calls, online gaming and streaming needs.

Fibre broadband is not only faster, but more reliable and stable so you constantly get the speeds you pay for. Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cable which will give you faster download speeds on multiple devices within your home.

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