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Do you know your broadband speed? Use our speed checker to find out the current download and upload speeds you’re receiving.

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Quick Fixes for Improving Broadband Speed

There are many ways to try and improve your broadband speed without having to switch your current provider, including;

  1. Turn off all appliances that are not being used but are connected to your WiFi
  2. Upgrade to a new, more suitable package

If you feel your broadband speed is slower than expected, we’d advise you to speak to us. We can advise you on what solutions we can provide, and make the switch from your current supplier fuss-free.

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Find out if you can get Jurassic Fibre’s ultrafast full fibre broadband

Now you have your speed test results and understand the benefits of full fibre broadband, find out if you can get Jurassic Fibre to your home!

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FAQ's about WiFi speeds

For certain activities, you will require specific broadband speeds, however, for most average users these are generic speeds required.

Once you have your data, we would recommend you record these again over a time period, so you’re ready to discuss any concerns with your service provider. By understanding any severe changes in your broadband speed, you’ll be able to speak to a professional about exactly the package you need when the time is right.

Connections can fluctuate at different times throughout the day, or even when we’re faced with extreme weather conditions such as heat, wind and rain. But the importance of knowing your average broadband speed gives you an understanding of when there is an issue, and gives you the confidence to discuss the following;

  • Changes in the service you’re paying for
  • Speed requirements for certain activities such as streaming, downloading and uploading
  • Possible issues with router, wiring or signals
  • Issues with the age of devices
  • Differences between your speeds and those of your neighbours