Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband in Honiton

Get 150 Mbps broadband speeds for only £17.50 per month

Game, stream and connect with loved ones on a full-fibre network that does it all, with unbeatable prices starting from only £17.50 per month.

Current network status in the Honiton area:

Sparking interest

Network design

Building network

Connecting customers

Ultrafast activated

Covered by Honiton’s network of ultrafast fibre:


Bramble Hill Industrial Estate

Honiton Hospital

Heathpark Industrial Estate

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Helping Honiton stay connected

Everything from video calls, online quizzes and streaming to online shopping, checking your bank account or playing online with friends can be disrupted by a poor internet connection. We all know the pain of lag and buffered films.

But not everybody needs the same level of ultrafast fibre. So we’ve got a range of broadband packages suitable for your nan’s Netflix or your best friend’s birthday quiz, as well as that all-important international conference call, with no pressure to pay for more than you need.

What’s happening in the Honiton area?

Latest updates about the ultrafast full fibre broadband and stories from local customers.