How to Install
Fibre Broadband

Whether it’s for your home or business, you’ll want your new broadband installed with minimal disruption. Here’s a simple guide to our installation process.

How we install your ultrafast fibre



Our onboarding team will be in touch a few days before your installation and liaise with other teams to make sure your installation is as seamless and fuss-free as possible.



Our service delivery team will explain how they will be installing the network to your property and any works that are required in the process.



The team will install the network into your property by drilling a small hole through the wall. This will then be covered by a wall box. We will always do this as discreetly and practically as possible.


Connecting the router

The team will connect your router, explain how it works and check the property for WiFi coverage. If your residential property has any WiFi coverage issues, they may recommend boosters and can often install these at the same time.



We will contact you shortly after your installation to check everything is working to your satisfaction and send you a quick survey to complete.


Monitor performance

When you’re connected to the Jurassic Fibre network, our expert team of engineers will monitor the network’s performance 24/7, so in the rare event that there is an issue, we can put it right as quickly as possible. Most of the time you won’t even notice.