How to switch
broadband providers

Scared of switching? Here at Jurassic Fibre, we can support you when changing broadband providers with advice from our team.

How we get you switched


Give us a call

Give our friendly team a call on 01392 345 600 or check your post code for Jurassic Broadband by completing the form below.


Status check

Our team will tell you the status of your premises, i.e. live, pending, on the build plan, off the build plan. If the site is live, your order can be placed. If it is pending, we will give you a timeframe and confirm the details you provided during pre-registration, so an order can be placed as soon as the site goes live.


Installation booked

When your order is placed, our team will get your installation booked. If your premises is ‘pending’, we will let you know of any construction work that needs to be carried out, plus any potential delays to installation.



You’ll then be passed into the safe hands of our onboarding team, who will check everything is in order for the installation and work with the service delivery engineers who will be carrying it out.


24/7 technical support

We will keep you informed of any changes to installation or survey dates and contact you directly to arrange an alternative date, if required. Please read our installation guide for more information on the installation process and our 24/7 technical support.

Ready to switch to Jurassic Fibre broadband?

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