Common arguments at home about Wi-Fi

Nearly a third of families admit to arguing over the internet at home. Who is hogging all the wi-fi ? Which family member is using all the bandwidth? Find out the common arguments when it comes to Wi-Fi!

3rd May 2023 by Ash | 7 min read


The benefits of fibre broadband for businesses

Full fibre internet coverage expanding bringing faster and more reliable internet to businesses across the country. By 2025, the UK’s copper network will be switched off, is your business ready?

28th April 2023 by Ash | 5 min read


What does Mbps mean & Other Internet Definitions:

With our glossary of digital definitions, we’re making internet jargon a thing of the past. Read more on the Jurassic Fibre website

24th April 2023 by Ash | 12 min read


How to guide for getting faster broadband

Sluggish broadband can ruin your a-game, whether you’re at work or play. This article explains how you can get faster broadband

18th April 2023 by Ash | 7 min read


What is smart home Wi-Fi?

What is smart home Wi-Fi, and what advantages can smart home broadband packages provide?

31st March 2023 by Kim | 7 min read


What is a wayleave and why is it important for fibre broadband?

Wayleaves are a legal permit to install fibre cable across someone's land. Find out why it's important in the roll out of fibre broadband in rural areas

24th March 2023 by Ash | 4 min read


Choosing the Best Home Broadband Package For You

Looking for a new home broadband package? There’s a lot to think about, speed, cost and contract length. Here’s what to consider before you choose.

17th March 2023 by Ash | 12 min read


2.4GHz vs 5GHz: What’s the difference?

Internet speeds have got faster, has your wi-fi ? The 2 signals are on a router, but are you on the right one! what’s the difference between 2.4GHz vs 5GHz?

10th March 2023 by Lewis | 7 min read


How high-speed business broadband from Jurassic Fibre put Raceworld on pole position

Jurassic Fibre installed ultrafast full fibre business broadband into Raceworld Indoor Karting to help scale its business and make remote working a breeze

6th March 2023 by Ash | 3 min read


How to improve your Wi-Fi signal and range

Frustrated with poor Wi-Fi signal and inconsistent speeds across your home? Find out easy ways to improve your wi-fi signal strength

3rd March 2023 by Ash | 5 min read


What Are Rural Broadband UK Options for Faster Internet?

The South West suffers from slow and unreliable connectivity. Learn how FTTP fibre from Jurassic could transform how you live and work.

24th February 2023 by Kim | 7 min read


Home Broadband Online Safety: Need To Know Guide

Learn the basics of staying safe in a fast-changing world. Get top tips on online safety to protect your family on email and social media

17th February 2023 by Ash | 12 min read