Jurassic Fibre Brings Virtual Reality Cricket to Somerset County Cricket Ground

The Vitality Blast is one of the cricket highlights of the year that fans flock to watch in person or at home online. The one-day games in the T20 format bring excitement to the fans and intensity with their speed of play.

This year we went big and Jurassic Fibre decided to expand our support of the Vitality Blast with the sponsorship of the club’s fan village for 12 games from May to August giving fans the opportunity to enjoy live music, entertainment and virtual reality cricket during the warm summer days.

Cricket enthusiasts were treated to a spectacle of sporting brilliance at the Somerset County Cricket Ground

A gathering of cricket enthusiasts

On May 25th cricket enthusiasts were treated to a spectacle of sporting brilliance at the Somerset County Cricket Ground as the thrilling Vitality Blast game unfolded amidst the cheers and excitement of 7,500  passionate fans. Adding to the exhilaration at the event was our stream team fresh from the Devon County Show, who were on hand at the fan village and introduced the marvels of virtual reality cricket to the attendees.

The atmosphere at the event was joyous and as proud sponsors of the entire fan village we were able to support the best of Somerset and the local community.

As the sun-drenched Somerset County Cricket ground welcomed fans with open arms, the energy was contagious as fans young and old poured into the grounds, ready to witness Somerset vs Hampshire Hawks battle it out.

From families with children waving miniature cricket bats to ardent supporters draped in their team colours, the crowd exuded a sense of unity and shared passion for the game.

Somerset County Cricket player celebrates winning.

Virtual Reality cricket takes center stage

One of our standout features of the event was our virtual reality cricket game.  Set up on our stand with a VR booth, fans were able to experience the thrill of batting in our very own Jurassic Fibre virtual cricket ground.

This unique offering provided a new dimension to the spectators’ experience, allowing them to step onto the pitch and become a cricketing hero and feel the adrenaline rush of hitting sixes out of the park. Fans coming to future games won’t miss out as the VR cricket will be there from May to August at the Vitality Blast games.

James Hildreth scored a flurry of runs on VR cricket

Somerset legend James Hildreth graced our VR cricket booth and participated in a quick game where he scored an impressive 28 runs in one over! Hildreth, a beloved figure among fans, showcased his skills in the virtual realm, inspiring and delighting attendees who had the opportunity to interact with a professional player. This special moment exemplified our commitment to connecting people to create unforgettable experiences for the community.

Somerset legend James Hildreth played virtual reality cricket at the Jurassic Fibre stand.

Our vibrant fan village

At the heart of the event is the fan village, sponsored by Jurassic Fibre for the Vitality Blast and One-Day Cup fixtures, this was a hub of activity and entertainment. A vibrant atmosphere enveloped the village as cricket-themed games, music, and delicious food stalls kept attendees entertained throughout the day.

The fan village provided a platform for cricket enthusiasts to interact with like-minded individuals, share their passion for the game, and create lasting memories.

Jurassic Fibre sponsors the fan village at Somerset County Cricket grounds for the Vitality Blast

Regarding our involvement, Sponsorship & Partnership Executive Jonathan Lewis-Oliver said “As a sponsor of the Fan Village, Jurassic Fibre have massively enhanced the fan experience in the ground on matchdays. We have bands playing on the music stage at every fixture, and Jurassic Fibre’s virtual reality cricket game means spectators can test out their batting skills!

It’s been a fantastic start to the campaign on the pitch, with the bright kit displaying Jurassic Fibre on the sleeve.”

Sarah Howells, Chief Customer Officer of Jurassic Fibre, said: “Jurassic Fibre is working hard to bring the businesses and communities of Devon, Somerset, Cornwall & Dorset the ultra-fast full fibre broadband network they deserve. Our partnership with Somerset Cricket Club was a great success last year, and we’re delighted to be able to offer an enhanced experience for fans throughout this season.”

Cricket players with their bright kit displaying Jurassic Fibre on the sleeve

Connecting communities throughout the Somerset

We continue to support cricket at the grassroots level and foster community engagement across Somerset and are committed to providing homes and businesses with access to full fibre broadband connectivity. Our sponsorships and initiatives strengthen the bond between the cricketing world and the local community, promoting the sport’s growth, inclusion and encouraging wider participation.

With our virtual reality cricket and sponsorship of the fan village adds a touch of innovation and entertainment whilst we continue to support Somerset at all levels and hope to play a pivotal role in nurturing the sport’s future while creating memorable moments for fans and players alike.

Get your tickets

Fancy a go at our VR cricket? Grab your tickets for the remaining games and have a blast at the fan village.

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