When to switch broadband plan

In this digital age, a reliable and fast internet connection has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. From streaming our favourite shows and movies to working remotely, staying connected is crucial. However, over time, you may find yourself questioning whether your current broadband plan is still meeting your needs.

If this sounds familiar, it might be the perfect time to consider switching your broadband plan.

Why Switch Broadband Plans?

Whether you want to switch broadband plans or not is an important choice, and there are a range of factors to consider before coming to a decision:

High monthly bills

One of the primary reasons that customers often contemplate switching their broadband plans is the burden of high monthly bills. The cost of internet service can be a significant expense, and if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the escalating bills, it’s essential to evaluate your options.

Reviewing your broadband plan allows you to assess the value you’re receiving for the price you’re paying. Evaluate whether the current plan offers the right balance between cost and the services provided. Switching to a different plan can potentially offer more features and benefits at a more reasonable cost.

Slow Internet Speeds

Low internet speeds are one of the common frustrations that can lead people to switch their broadband plans. If you find yourself constantly dealing with sluggish connections and delays, it’s essential to assess your options for improving your internet speed.

Slow internet speeds can hinder productivity, streaming, and gaming experiences. Switching to a broadband plan with faster speeds can transform your online experience. By upgrading, you can accommodate multiple users and devices, future-proof your connection, and explore higher-speed options like fibre-optic broadband.

Your contract is ending

It may be a good time to consider new options if you are coming to the end of your contract commitment with your broadband provider. Internet service providers (ISPs) often introduce new promotional offers and discounts to attract new customers. This represents an opportunity to scour the market and find a deal that suits you or your business’s needs.

New providers in your area

As the broadband market becomes more competitive, new providers are beginning to emerge, increasing your options when it comes to getting a new package. New broadband providers often aim to differentiate themselves by offering innovative services and features. These can include advanced home networking solutions, bundled packages with streaming services, or unique customer benefits. Exploring these options can enhance your overall broadband experience.

A good option when deciding whether to switch broadband plans is to look for new providers and use a broadband postcode checker to see if they service your area.

Poor Customer Service

If you’re experiencing poor customer service with your current broadband provider, it may be time to consider switching to a new one. Switching to a new broadband provider offers the opportunity to access better customer service. You’ll want to research and choose a provider known for its responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful support team. A provider that prioritises customer satisfaction can provide a more positive experience when troubleshooting issues or seeking assistance.

Read reviews and look for feedback from current or previous customers to get a sense of their experiences. Opting for a provider with positive reviews and a strong track record in customer service can minimise the likelihood of encountering poor support.

Moving House

When moving house, take the opportunity to evaluate your broadband needs and explore the options available in your new area. You may require different services or features based on factors such as the number of occupants, home office requirements, or specific entertainment preferences.

A potential issue when moving home is that your current broadband provider may not offer broadband services in your new area. Before moving, check this in advance with your broadband provider and start looking for a new package if they can’t provide internet in your area. By making an informed decision and switching to the right broadband service, you can ensure a smooth and satisfactory transition to your new home.

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When can I switch broadband?

If you’re considering switching your broadband provider, the good news is that you can technically leave your contract at any point. However, there are a few caveats to keep in mind. Some contracts may require you to pay an exit fee if you terminate the agreement before its completion.

That said, there are instances when you can leave your contract early without incurring an exit fee. These instances may include:

  • End of contract: Most broadband contracts have a fixed term, such as 12, 18, or 24 months. Once your contract term is up, you are generally free to switch providers without penalty.
  • Cooling-off period: In some regions, there is a cooling-off period after signing a new contract, during which you have the right to cancel without any penalty. This period typically ranges from a few days to a couple of weeks.
  • Poor service or breach of contract: If your broadband provider consistently fails to deliver the agreed-upon service quality or breaches the terms of the contract, you may have grounds to terminate the agreement early without paying an exit fee.
  • Relocation: If you’re moving to an area where your current provider does not offer service, you may be able to terminate your contract early without penalty. It’s important to provide proof of your new address to the provider and inquire about their policies regarding early termination due to relocation.

Do I need to cancel my internet before switching?

Ofcom, the telecommunications regulator, announced in September 2021 that it was introducing new rules to make it easier for residential customers to change their fixed voice and broadband service provider. Under the ‘One Touch Switch’ process, a residential customer will only need to contact their new home broadband provider to switch, and won’t need to speak to their current provider before making the move.

To achieve this, communications providers will need to use a single industry-wide messaging platform to exchange the necessary data in a standardised way and within the required timeframe.

Until this messaging platform (the TOTSCo Hub) is available, you will need to stop your service with your current provider and start a new service with a new provider. Your old provider will confirm that your contract is ending – and explain any charges that might apply and your new provider will let you know when your new contract will start.

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Tips for a seamless broadband plan transition

Switching your broadband provider doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth and seamless transition:

  • Research new plans and providers: Before making the switch, conduct thorough research on available broadband plans and providers.
  • Coordinate the switch-over date: Coordinate with your new broadband provider to determine the ideal switch-over date. This ensures a seamless transition without extended periods of downtime.
  • Check for early termination fees: Review your current contract to identify any early termination fees or outstanding payments.
  • Test the new service and equipment: Once your new broadband service is activated, thoroughly test it. Check the internet speed, reliability, and overall performance. Also, ensure that all the equipment, such as modems or routers, is functioning properly.
  • Monitor your bill for accuracy: Keep a close eye on your first few bills from the new provider. Verify that the charges align with the agreed-upon terms and pricing. If you notice any discrepancies or unexpected charges.

Full fibre broadband across rural areas of the UK

Fibre broadband is experiencing significant growth across the UK, bridging the digital divide and revolutionising connectivity. From bustling city centres to the farthest corners of the countryside, the expansion of this high-speed internet technology has become a game-changer for rural areas, addressing the long-standing issue of inadequate connectivity.

This expansion is a significant step towards eliminating the digital divide and ensuring equal access to high-speed internet across the country. One key initiative driving this progress is the development of rural broadband UK wide to bring reliable and fast internet connectivity to communities. Jurassic Fibre is leveraging fibre optic technology to deliver and empower residents and businesses in these areas, with broadband speeds that match those of major cities. This transformative growth of fibre broadband is not only enhancing the quality of life for rural residents but also fostering economic development and unlocking new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

Ready to Go Ultrafast?

At Jurassic Fibre, we have fibre broadband packages to suit all internet needs. With speeds of up to 950Mbps, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of the ultrafast full fibre internet experience.

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