Host your own Fanzone – watching the Euros in your garden

This year, a whopping 10.4 million people tuned into the opening match of the Euros in the UK. With many matches still to come, create the perfect way to enjoy the games with your friends and loved ones by hosting your own fanzone.

Here’s our guide on how to set up the perfect garden watch party, where you can catch all the live games and how to keep your connection running smoothly throughout the 90-minutes (and beyond).

Avoid the Pub Crowds with Your Own Garden Setup

When someone says “Let’s watch the game tonight”, your first thought might be to head straight over to your local pub. But as it turns out, you and every other football fan have had the same idea. And now begins the long struggle to find a table for you and your pals, all while craning your neck to see the screen with an expensive pint in hand. 

Watching the Euros doesn’t have to be limited to crowded pubs or even staying indoors watching on the TV – why not set up your own fanzone in the garden and bring out the barbecue for everyone to enjoy (weather permitting of course!). You’ll be able to invite all your friends round and keep the party going with plenty of food and drinks of your choice.

The Best Way to Watch the Euros

In the UK, viewers can enjoy the football on live TV through BBC and ITV with both channels sharing the rights to show the tournament. Prefer to stream online? You can also catch the games on BBC iPlayer and ITVX but you’ll need an active TV licence to do so.

For football fans overseas while the games are on, you can still keep up with the excitement through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This lets you stream the content you have the rights to as if you’re back at home. VPNs are completely legal in the UK, US, Canada and most of Europe, but it’s worth noting that this can cause a strain on your connection speeds.

How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Outdoors

Bearing through your country’s football team taking a penalty can be a nerve-wracking feeling – but what’s worse is missing it completely because of a buffering connection. If you’re watching the Euros in your garden, you’ll have to be equipped with a good Wi-Fi provider so you won’t miss a single moment of the action. 

Depending on how strong your Wi-Fi connection is while outdoors, you might want to look into extending the range through boosters and extenders.

Use a Booster or Wi-Fi extender

Wi-Fi boosters or extenders can help strengthen your Wi-Fi signal so you can enjoy a speedy connection no matter where in the house you are. By placing boosters in rooms closer to your garden, you can fill in dead spots and extend the reach of your Wi-Fi signal beyond the initial router. 

Make Sure You Have the Right Package

A good Wi-Fi connection can make or break your garden setup, and it all starts with the right broadband package. Make sure you’re connected to a reliable Wi-Fi provider that puts you in control of your broadband with flexible packages that let you upgrade or downgrade as your needs change. 

Watch Every Goal with Jurassic Fibre

Whether you’re looking for a standard broadband usage deal or a more powerful package that helps you maintain your ultrafast connection even with multiple devices streaming away, keep this summer’s football games running smoothly with ultrafast fibre.
Jurassic Fibre’s range of packages from 150mbs to 900mbs mean you can find the right deal for you so you’ll be able to enjoy fibre to the fullest. Take a look at our broadband packages currently on offer and get in touch with us today.

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