Maintaining high-speed internet for high-speed sports

With the last of the F1 European triple-header races just around the corner, the 2024 British Grand Prix is set to be an exciting climax for fans everywhere. Whether you’re gearing up for Silverstone or looking ahead to the summer races to come, we’re here to help you find out how to maintain high-speed internet for stress-free streaming throughout the weekend.

How to Watch the F1 this Summer

In the UK, viewers can watch the Formula 1 races live on Sky Sports and streaming service Now TV, while Channel 4 shows highlights of qualifying and the main race later in the day. If you’re an avid fan, the official F1 TV subscription lets you get closer to the action with onboards of all 20 drivers and live team radios.

For those wanting to watch from overseas, you can still follow along with the 2024 season through a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This allows you to stream content that you already pay for as if you’re back at home. 

While VPNs are completely legal in the UK, US, Canada and most of Europe, there are a few drawbacks compared to regular viewing. VPNs often slow down your internet speeds and can increase ping or latency as the server will be located far from your location. 

Make Sure Your Connection is Fast and Stable

F1 is a fast moving sport so you’ll need a connection that is just as fast and stable. We recommend checking your internet speeds before streaming so you can be sure you won’t miss a single overtake or pit stop. Read on to find out more about bolstering your connection before race day.

Remove conflicting devices

As we bring more devices into our homes, they begin to take over more of the internet bandwidth and increase demand on Wi-Fi routers. Make sure to switch off any idle or unused devices that are connected to the internet so you’ll be getting the full breadth of your router’s capabilities.

Upgrade your router

If broadband range and speeds are letting you down, it might be time to look at upgrading your router, even if it is only several years’ old. Get in touch with your broadband provider to ask if they can send you the most up-to-date version of their router hardware.

Utilise a faster broadband provider

While you can stream standard definition (SD) on basic internet packages, high definition (HD) and 4K ultra HD will place a much bigger demand on your broadband. If your internet still isn’t performing quite up to speed, take a look at upgrading to a faster broadband provider. 

Are you ready to go ultrafast? Jurassic Fibre can help you get connected with faster speeds and a connection you can rely on. With an upgraded ultrafast fibre broadband package, you’ll be able to enjoy better speeds and in turn, better streaming quality for all of the upcoming races. 

Never miss an F1  moment with Jurassic Fibre

Make sure you never miss out on the action by putting your Wi-Fi connection first with a provider that can support all your F1 streaming needs. With Jurassic Fibre, you’ll be able to choose the speed and price range that suits your lifestyle, and we’ll make sure that’s the speed you get. 
Get in touch with our team to learn more about bringing ultrafast fibre to your home.

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