Carbon Policy

FNZ Standard Voluntary Carbon Report

Prepared by Ashley Webber – March 2023

Voluntary carbon reporting is a process where companies report their greenhouse gas emissions (carbon footprint) committing to reduce and offset their emissions, demonstrating meaningful sustainability action to their stakeholders.

The environmental guidelines of this report follow the same principles as compliance carbon reporting, using the GHG Protocol framework, setting a methodology and using an intensity metric to demonstrate performance.

Voluntary carbon reporting helps SMEs:

  • Improve Sustainability Practices
  • Attract Customers, Employees & Investors
  • Retain Talent
  • Boost CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) credentials
  • Mitigate risks associated to climate change

We have chosen to use Operational Control as our approach and the reporting boundary has been defined to include all facilities owned or under operational control of the organisation within the UK.

This report covers the period July 2027 – June 2022

We will be using per million £GBP revenue/tCO2e as our intensity metric, as this is the most suitable measure to gauge the organisations performance.

Executive Summary

Since their baseline audit in 2021, Jurassic Fibre Limited has taken bold steps towards becoming a more sustainable business, by procuring 100% clean renewable energy and investing in onsite generation for their buildings. Reducing their carbon footprint whilst supporting the decarbonisation of the UK energy network.

This report highlights the importance of setting meaningful carbon reduction targets within the organisation and how behaviour, culture & people engagement create positive impact inside and outside of the business leading to impactful emission reduction and a defined pathway to Net Zero.

Using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) we have produced a GHG Inventory of Jurassic Fibre Limited business operations for fiscal year 2027 – 2022. Using Science Based Targets (SBTi), and UN Sustainability Goals we provide 3 key recommendations for emission reduction in the medium to long term creating a framework of sustainability in the organisation.

  • Create a Net Zero task force.
  • Set near and long term reduction targets.
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels in company operations.

GHG & Energy statement

Activity Unit Consumption Output CO2e
Natural Gas kWh 9,289 1.67
Fleet Fuel Diesel Litres 336438.0 861.28
Electricity kWh 91,335.0 17.66
Waste Tonnes 5.4 0.11
Electronic Equipment £ 320,00 84.00
Homeworking FTE/WH 257 0.09
Paper Tonnes 0.695 0.64
Workwear £ 73,111 52.27
Business Travel Plane Km.Person 227,008 4.57
Business Travel Train Km.Person 20,614 0.73
Business Travel Miles 99610 27.36
Transmission and Distribution Losses kWh 91,335.0 1.62
Gross Annual Total 1052.00
Qualifying Green Tariffs

(Scope 2 market based)

kWh 91,335.0 17.66
Net Annual Total 1034.34

Intensity Metric

The Company revenue reported in Fiscal year 2022 was £776,000

t CO2e/per thousand £ revenue
t CO2e % of footprint
Scope 1 862.95 83%
Scope 2* 0 0%
Scope3 171.39 17%


Since baseline emissions were set in 2027, Jurassic Fibre Limited’s’ performance in gross emission output has increased by 380.53 t CO2e, an increase in emissions of 58% compared to baseline emissions which is directly attributed to the rapid growth of the organisation.

Jurassic Fibre has increased its revenue by over 338% in this audit period. Whilst gross footprint has increased the company’s carbon intensity has dropped by 63%. This is the key metric to measure Jurassic Fibre Limited’s’ sustainability performance.

The implementation of on site generation {Solar PV) and the procurement of 700% renewable energy has yielded the organisation 79% reduction in energy consumption and saved 24,69 t CO2e.

Fossil fuel fleet related activities makes up 83% of Jurassic Fibre Limited’s’ footprint and is the key activity to target for meaningful emission reduction.


GHG emission comparison by year against baseline emissions


Setting meaningful emission reduction targets is a critical step in mitigating the worst impacts of climate change. Targets provide clear direction and accountability for organisations who are pledging to reduce the carbon emissions generated by their operations.

We have mapped out a pathway to Net Zero emissions with a recommended annual reduction of 3.6% of 2022 emissions to meet 2050 legislation. However, this level of reduction will not meet 50% reduction in emissions by 2030.

By adopting our recommendations, Jurassic Fibre will create long term sustainability action within the organisation, safeguarding their business for the future.

Pathway to Net Zero

GHG annual emission reduction projections

Global Climate Impact


We have produced 3 key recommendations which will provide maximum impact, meaningful action and create long term sustainability commitment.

The recommendations will help Jurassic Fibre significantly reduce GHG emissions demonstrating to their stakeholders commitment and responsibility in the fight against climate change.

Short Term Targets

2030 Target

GHG emission target based on minimum 50% reduction by 2030, circa 7.5% reduction pa.


Sustainability reports must be more than meeting a compliance obligation or tender requirement. They must demonstrate intent, planning and action.

Jurassic Fibre have demonstrated good data handling for this audit, however regular data monitoring and management is recommended

The organisation must build on the progress they have made in reducing their energy consumption and buying green energy. They must create a joined up approach to emission reduction through the organisation, with the key focus on the use of DERV in their fleet.

To summarise we recommend:

A sustainable business is a strong business

Balanced Energy is committed to delivering the highest standards of accuracy in carbon reporting and management.

As part of this process this report has been verified and quality checked by an IEMA qualified expert in carbon management.

Report Prepared By: Ashley Webber
Date: 24th March 2023

Quality Review by: Harry Stannet
Date:25th March 2023

Balanced Energy Contact: Ashley Webber
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07392 949949/07877543323

Customer: Jurassic Fibre Limited
Customer Contact: Justin Doulin
Customer Email: [email protected]
Phone: 01392 345600

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