Private lands

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A Wayleave is a legally enforceable agreement between a land or property owner and telecommunications, utility, or fibre providers that allows for the construction, maintenance, and management of network cables and equipment over or under land.

As well as having resilient fibre connectivity with speeds of up to 1GB for residential customers, there are several other reasons on the importance of switching to fibre.

According to research, the present “copper” network will be unable to meet future demand as the internet becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, and the need for working from home grows. Having a “fibre ready property” can improve the property value by 5-8 percent when compared to properties that do not have access to fibre.

A wayleave agreement is needed to install or repair our equipment on private land, or inside a private property where it will be providing service to someone who does not legally own the property or land, for example a rental property or a flat in an apartment block. A wayleave may also be needed due to the proposed route for install crossing another landowner’s property.

We hope the benefits in this FAQ have explained the advantages of Jurassic Fibre installing fibre network to yourselves and the wider community. We prefer to work out a mutual arrangement with the landowner, but the code specifies that if we are unable to do so, we can request a court to impose one on the landowner in the interest of providing high-quality telecommunications infrastructure to everyone living and working in rural areas.

Many businesses and agencies have legal powers to carry out specific development and roads works in the United Kingdom are known as statutory undertakers. They mostly include utilities and telecommunications providers, as well as nationalised firms.

The Electronic Communications Code is a set of rights set out in Schedule 3A of the Communications Act 2003 that aim to make the set up and maintenance of electronic communications networks easier. On both public and private property, this involves installing and maintaining infrastructure such as poles, phone masts and cabinets.

No, a Wayleave is an agreement with the provider and the landowner as opposed to an agreement which runs with the land granting permanent rights over the land – this is known as an easement.

The process will differ depending upon what kind of works are stated within the Wayleave, for example:

  • Western Power Distribution pole – We have a separate agreement with Western Power to attach our telecoms equipment to their poles, but in cases where they are on private land, we must get a separate agreement from the land owner for access.
  • Overlays – From when we receive the signed agreement our scheduling team would then aim to schedule the works within two weeks. All persons affected by the works will be notified at least seven days prior.
  • Cabling across building – As with an overlay when we receive the agreement, the works to attach the cable to the required building will be done for the required install so the landowner will be notified prior to this installation date.

This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis due to different works and nature of the land in question. All considerations will be considered so that where necessary we are able to provide certain benefits.

The telecoms equipment installed will always remain the absolute property of Jurassic Fibre Limited.

We recognise that each grantor has an option of seeking secondary advice although the agreement we have produced is heavily influenced by the Ofcom proforma, which requires less time for advisors to review. Jurassic Fibre will consider paying for fees on a case-by-case basis, but this must be agreed with the Wayleave team before this can be finalised.

We prefer for your landlord/owner to sign off the wayleave so that both parties are covered in all circumstances.

This will depend on multiple factors but if you would like a specific time frame you can contact our scheduling or installation management team at [email protected].

Jurassic Fibre will carry out a desktop risk assessment and a further assessment on the day of the works. On request we can provide this and any further information you may require.