How fibre can benefit your gaming set-up? 

The popularity of gaming cannot be underestimated; with over 70% of adults in the UK stating that they play some form of online video game. Whether you prefer a casual game here and there, or it’s a part of your everyday routine, there’s one thing that’s an absolute necessity for a smooth gaming experience every time: reliable broadband. 


The need for speed: how fibre optics enhances gaming 

Some say that speeds of 15-20 megabits per second (Mbps) are enough to run your online games, but in a modern household with multiple devices and smart appliances using the internet, this may not always be enough.

Internet speed is crucial for gamers as it directly affects the quality of their gaming experience. This is because the gaming device needs to send and receive data to and from the game server in real time.

If your internet speed is slow, it can cause delays or lag in this required communication, resulting in a poorer gaming experience. This can be incredibly frustrating for those trying to play, and can manifest in various ways, such as the character freezing, the game appearing choppy, or other players teleporting around the screen. A slow internet speed can also result in disconnections, dropped connections, and even game crashes.

On top of this, many modern games require a constant internet connection for various features, such as multiplayer mode, social integration, and updates. Therefore, good internet speed is crucial for gamers to have a smooth and seamless gaming experience, and to fully enjoy all the features of modern games.

Compared to traditional broadband, fibre optic internet offers a faster, smoother, more reliable connection with low latency and ping, and significantly higher upload and download speeds. It’s safe to say that fibre optic internet outperforms traditional broadband on every level, so if you’re an avid online gamer, you’ll want to consider opting for an ultrafast broadband package to enjoy the highest quality gaming experience. 

Low latency, high performance 

Low latency refers to the ability of a computing system or network to provide responses with minimal delay. In simpler terms, it’s the time between your command and the response to your request, or the time between pressing a button and the game responding. Lower latency essentially means you’ll experience a shorter delay, whereas high latency will lead to a longer delay and more interruptions (commonly known as lagging). Low latency relies on  a strong, reliable internet connection in order for the faster transmission of data and ultimately, a smoother and more fluid gaming experience. 

Reliability: the unsung hero in online gaming 

On top of its exceptional speediness, fibre optic broadband also boasts unparalleled reliability. It’s delivered via fibre optic cable, as opposed to standard broadband which is delivered via the UK’s copper phone network, which means it’s far less prone to dropouts or interference, and isn’t affected by extreme weather conditions.

If you’re a regular gamer, look for providers in your area that offer FTTP (fibre to the premises) to ensure that you’re connected to the fibre network end-to-end. A number of broadband providers will only use fibre on the exchange and then use copper wires for the final yards into your home, making it a less reliable connection than FTTP.

Future-proofing your gaming set-up with Jurassic Fibre 

While we’re all gladly embracing the superspeed of fibre broadband in today’s world, one of the added benefits is the longevity of fibre and what it means for the future. 

Fibre optic cables are incredibly durable; with UV protection on the outer cables, a resistance to tension and compression, as well as a resistance to moisture. These protective elements come together to create a lifespan of roughly 25 years, with fibre also allowing for the expansion of a network without the need to replace any cables. As a result, optical fibre has a larger and longer useful lifespan than copper, with greater opportunities for scalability, meaning it will be prepared to evolve with the changing needs of technology and ultimately, the future of gaming. 

Getting set up with Jurassic Fibre 

If your gaming experience is leaving a lot to be desired, it might be time to upgrade your broadband. At Jurassic Fibre, we’re experts in setting up broadband to suit your gaming needs, and we have a number of ultrafast home broadband packages available. 
Ready to enjoy the most enviable gaming experience of all? Get in touch today.

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