What broadband do I need for a smart home?

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances but now homes also require full fibre broadband.

9th August 2023 by Ash | 6 min read


What is gigabit internet and do I need it?

How fast is gigabit internet? A gigabit equals 1,000 Mbps and is significantly faster than the average internet connection, but do I need all that speed?

2nd August 2023 by Ash | 5 min read


Where is my full fibre broadband?

In today’s digital age, high-speed internet access has become essential for work and leisure. With...

24th July 2023 by Kim | 5 min read


The History of the Internet 

The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives; shaping the way we...

19th July 2023 by Kim | 7 min read


What is the best broadband for student accommodation?

Students rely on broadband to access their digital resources when they are studying away from home. Having the right speed and provider is essential.

12th July 2023 by Ash | 5 min read


Can I get broadband in my flat?

Discover the options available for broadband installation in your flat, how to get connected, and what to expect from the installation process.

5th July 2023 by Hallie | 7 min read


When to switch broadband plan

Looking to switch your broadband plan but not sure when is the right time to do so? Learn about the signs that indicate you need to switch packages.

27th June 2023 by Ash | 8 min read


What is Broadband?

Discover more about broadband and its importance in today's digital age. Our blog provides an overview of broadband, its definition to how it works, and its impact on modern communication.

21st June 2023 by Ash | 7 min read


Wired Vs Wireless Broadband: Which connection suits my home?

Wired internet connections are faster and more reliable, and wireless connections are flexible, we look at which is better for your home.

14th June 2023 by Ash | 4 min read


What is full fibre broadband?

Looking for info on full-fibre broadband? We explore this high-speed internet technology, including how it works, its benefits, and why it's important for the future of connectivity.

7th June 2023 by Ash | 7 min read


Jurassic Fibre Brings Virtual Reality Cricket to Somerset County Cricket Ground

Experience the thrill of cricket like never before! Jurassic Fibre sponsors Somerset County Cricket Ground's fan village and VR Cricket, bringing innovation and excitement to the game.

31st May 2023 by Ash | 5 min read


A Gamer’s Guide to Broadband

Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore pro, getting the best broadband for gaming is vital. For all your broadband needs, check out our gamer’s guide

31st May 2023 by Ash | 8 min read