How Is Ultrafast Broadband Installed?

So you’ve decided you’re tired of having slow internet and you are making the jump to ultra-fast fibre broadband connection. Congratulations!

But how is fibre broadband installed? What does the process involve? And, more importantly, how much will it cost? (Spoiler: Jurassic Fibre can install your broadband for free…)

What Happens Before Broadband Is Installed?

First, you need to pick the right broadband package for you, and organise an installation appointment. Here’s how the process works at Jurassic:

  • Choose your package: Jurassic Fibre has both home and business broadband packages at different prices and speeds to suit you. Check out our website or call us direct and see which plan best suits your requirements. Once you’ve chosen, our installation management team gets started.
  • Installation management: After you’re signed up, our installation management team will get in touch and explain the installation process, and talk you through anything you need to do. They’ll also liaise with our installation teams to ensure the entire operation runs smoothly with as little disruption as possible.

Then, it’s time to meet your engineer.

What Is the Role of our Engineers?

Our engineers oversee the pre-survey, installation, and setup of your new broadband connection.

  • Pre-installation — Once you have ordered your package and we have agreed an installation date, we will arrange to carry out the outside work, to get the fibre cable to your home. Once this has been successfully completed we will remind you of the appointment date to carry out the installation in your home. Depending upon whether any work needs to be carried out following our first visit to carry out the outside work, we aim to get you connected within 15 days. 
  • Installation — The next step is the installation process itself. At Jurassic, we use FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) connections to give you the best broadband speeds. That means your engineer will need to drill a small hole through one of your walls to run cables through, as well as carrying out any additional work necessary depending on your property. Don’t worry though, drilling is kept discreet and covered up by a wall box afterward.
  • Connection — Once the cabling is installed, your engineer will go through the process of connecting your router. They’ll also talk you through how to use your router and answer any questions you might have about getting started.
  • Testing — After they’ve connected and booted up your router, the engineer will make sure your Wi-Fi is working as it should be. They’ll also check the Wi-Fi signal around your home. If they find any dead spots, the engineer can advise you on Wi-Fi boosters — and even install one there and then if you need it.

What Happens After Broadband Is Installed?

  • Checking in — A few days after your new full-fibre broadband connection is installed, our installation management team will be in touch to make sure you’re completely happy with the service. 
  • A watchful eye — After that, our team of expert broadband engineers keeps an eye on the network 24/7/365 which allows us to handle any downtime as quickly as possible.
  • Get some aftercare – If there are any issues that arise with wi-fi or connection around your home, you can call our aftercare team who will arrange a time to visit your property to resolve the issue.

How Long Does Broadband Installation Take?

We aim to take you from installation to using your new fibre broadband within 15 days from your order. Installation times can be quicker but depend on whether you need additional work to get your home connected. 

The installation itself normally takes around 90 minutes. That gives the engineers time to talk you through the process, carry out the installation, and run all the necessary connection checks.

We’ve Got Your Back

Want to know how easy it could be to get ultrafast full-fibre broadband direct to your home? Use our postcode checker now to see if you’re eligible for one of our low-cost home broadband deals.

Alternatively, contact us online or call our team today on 01392 345600 to find out all your options and go over the process.

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