Why does my internet slow down in the evenings?

Have you got frustrated when the movie you are streaming slows down in the evenings or the online game you’re playing starts to buffer? It’s probably because your home broadband is being affected by network congestion which occurs between 7 PM and 11 PM on weekdays and is due to many people using it at the same time. This is commonly called the internet rush hour.

When is the internet rush hour?

Similar to the traffic on the roads during certain times, the internet slows down at peak usage times. Large amounts of traffic and congestion more than likely come from your favourite movie, music or gaming service.

Our blog looks at what other factors can affect your broadband, what you can do to alleviate it, also while explaining why more people are moving to ultrafast fibre broadband.

What affects your broadband and slows it down?

There are a number of factors why your internet might slow down in the evening. From where your equipment is placed, the number of connected devices, network congestion or just certain restrictions from your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

If you are at home during the day, fewer people are using the internet which gives you more bandwidth. This also gives you a better quality of speed and makes it easier to watch TV, play online games and more importantly, work from home with ease without issues on video calls.

As people return home from work or school and begin to use their internet, the demand for your broadband connection increases as multiple devices connect to the internet. This can lead to slower speeds for everyone within the house as the network becomes overwhelmed and leads to network congestion.

How can you check your speeds?

The best way to check your broadband speed is to run a speed test using an online app. To get an understanding of the loss in speed make sure to run the tests during the day and evening close to your router and then in another room in the house. If the speeds you are getting are lower in the evenings, then it’s time to make some changes.

Checking my internet speed

How do I improve broadband speed in the evening?

This is one of the most common questions we’re asked, in order to help improve your broadband speed at night, you could try the following tips.

Disconnect all the devices or programs not being used

The number of devices connected to your network can drain your bandwidth and your router may not be able to cope with the volume. Even running numerous software programs can consume a lot of bandwidth during the evening. Simply disconnecting unused devices and closing any unnecessary programs that are connected to your internet and drawing bandwidth can help increase your internet speed.

Move your router to a central position

Your router is the main hub for your broadband and is responsible for distributing your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. Placing it near the centre of your home can improve the signal you get to your devices. The best position for your routers is equidistant from every device, this might depend on the type and size of the home.

Invest in Wi-Fi extenders

If your home has thick walls, many floors and a large area footprint it might make it difficult to get full coverage with just the router. Investing in Wi-Fi extenders can be an easy and quick solution for getting the most out of an internet connection across your home. An extender essentially boosts the signal that it receives and broadcasts it to devices within its range.

Try a wired connection instead of wireless

Nearly all devices use Wi-Fi to access the internet and its services, some devices benefit from a wired connection as they provide a faster, more reliable and stable internet speed.

Upgrade your internet service provider

If you have tried all of the above suggestions and your internet doesn’t provide you with the speeds and performance in the evening then maybe it’s time to upgrade your service and make the move to full-fibre broadband.

The key benefit of moving to full-fibre connectivity is the faster speeds you get when it’s installed with strong Wi-Fi coverage across your home, the end result is faster internet throughout the entire day.

With Jurassic Fibre, you’ll get:

  • Local support – A friendly local team deals with all enquiries.
  • Simple contracts – Fixed-price or monthly rolling contracts, you choose the perfect package for you.
  • Flexible terms – Upgrade or downgrade packages monthly.

Sound good to you?

Don’t let slow speeds spoil your evening in, switch to Jurassic Fibre and get full-fibre broadband speeds direct to your home. Call our team today on 01392 345600 to find out all your options and go over the process.

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