Installation of your fibre to the premises broadband service

Congratulations! You will soon be experiencing the benefits of our ultra-fast broadband services.

What happens next?

This note is to explain what happens next, for you to be connected to our fibre network.

We need to connect your property to our fibre network. This means we need to lay a cable from our main network to a designated point inside your property. The cable will be connected to a device inside your property called an ONT. An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is similar to a broadband router you might receive from, say, BT or virgin, but whereas a normal router will connect to your copper phone line (which slows your broadband speed), the ONT connects directly to our fibre optic cables..

How is the cable installed?

The exact requirements for installing our cable will depend on your property, but it is likely to require some or all of the following:

Our Promise to you:

We promise to use best efforts in reinstating, as close to original state as possible, any land that we have worked on, and to clean and tidy up after our work has been done.

What we need from you:

Please could you confirm you have read and understood the above. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to your Jurassic Installation Engineer before signing.