Get buff without buffering – tips for setting up a smart home gym

Ready for a full fibre home gym workout?

The fitness industry has often been at the forefront of technological changes, from the birth of wearable tech and fitness trackers to Peloton bikes and streaming home workouts. Our exercise habits are changing. Smart home gym equipment like Nordic Trac or Tempo are bringing personalised boutique workouts directly to our homes.

But, is your broadband ready to embrace this e-fitness boom? In this blog, we will explore options for creating your full fibre home gym and explore how much bandwidth you’ll need.

How much broadband bandwidth do I need for home gym equipment?

Smart home gym equipment such as Peloton or Tonal cannot be used without internet connectivity, and often require speeds of up to 15 Mbps to run smoothly. Live streaming a fitness class on YouTube could take up to 10 Mbps. Whilst even a pre-recorded one could use upwards of 5Mbps.

See below the recommended bandwidth for some of the top fitness tech on the market:

  • Forme Studio 50 Mbps
  • Peloton 15 Mbps
  • Tonal 15 Mbps
  • Mirror 10 Mbps
  • Zwift 5 Mbps
  • Hydrow 10 Mbps
Girl on a static bike doing a peloton workout

How do I check my broadband is workout-ready?

Before taking the plunge with a new fitness purchase it’s important to check you have sufficient internet speeds. The first step should be to run a speed check (you don’t need to fire up the treadmill for this).

Most homes should now have sufficient internet connectivity to be able to handle these devices but there are a few factors you should be aware of.

Household usage and internet speeds

Whether it’s streaming, gaming or working from home, other members of your household may also be using some of your internet bandwidth. It’s important to work out your total household requirements and understand the speeds you’ll need during peak times! You may find, for example, that your internet slows down in the evenings when everyone is at home.

Proximity to routers

Some smart gym devices have trouble connecting to extenders and boosters so it’s recommended that you place your devices as close to your main router as possible. Physical obstructions such as thick concrete walls, mirrors and even microwaves can impact your Wi-Fi performance so it’s important to find an area in your home with great Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some devices might work better if plugged directly into your router via an ethernet cable.

Lady in front or a smart gym mirror

Wi-Fi frequencies

You may find that some devices recommend using 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency. If you find your fitness technology lagging, this could be an option to explore.

What if my home gym isn’t technically “in” my home?

Outbuildings, summer houses, detached garages and even sheds are becoming venues of choice when it comes to home workouts. Even if you prefer your workouts to be a bit more low-tech, chances are at the very least you’ll require music to strut your stuff to, or reality TV to distract you from the pain of your session.

It’s unlikely that your home Wi-Fi will stretch far enough to reach the end of the garden so what are your options for extending wi-fi to your detached garage?

Purchase Wi-Fi boosters or extenders

Wi-Fi boosters and extenders help to boost performance by rebroadcasting your Wi-FI signal to harder-to-reach places. This could be an option depending on exactly where your detached garage is in relation to your router.

Using an Ethernet connection

One of the most reliable ways to extend Wi-Fi to another room or building is to use an ethernet cable from your router to a computer. However, you’ll have to run it under the ground to prevent damage from plants, water, and wildlife. We recommend speaking to a professional before attempting this.

Powerline adapters

Another option is a powerline adapter which connects devices to the internet through your home’s electrical wiring. This may not work in older houses so always seek the advice of a professional.

Jurassic Fibre does not currently offer the above suggestions as part of our service. We recommend speaking to specialists if considering these options

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