How Is Ultrafast Broadband Installed?

Have you ever wondered the process for fibre broadband installation into your home?

10th August 2022 by Hallie | 4 min read


Jurassic Fibre extends ultrafast broadband network to Cornwall

Jurassic Fibre will extend it's network into Cornwall starting with Bude and into the surrounding areas. Read more online.

5th August 2022 by Ash | 4 min read


Celebrating our ex-military staff and their contribution to Jurassic Fibre

We celebrate the ex-military staff and the ongoing contribution to growing the Jurassic Fibre network.

26th July 2022 by Hallie | 7 min read


Is Your Broadband up to Scratch for Remote Working?

The pandemic has transformed many things about the way we live, one of the most...

8th July 2022 by Ash | 5 min read


What’s the Difference Between Broadband and Wi-Fi?

What's the difference between fibre broadband and your Wi-Fi? Our blog sheds light on the differences and how to get the most out of both.

8th July 2022 by Ash | 5 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre announces 100,000 premises passed milestone

Jurassic Fibre has reached over 100,000 premises today and is a significant step closer to achieving their goal of offering full fibre to 500,000 homes and businesses across the region.

22nd June 2022 by Ash | 3 min read

Company News

Chancellor Rishi Sunak MP visits Jurassic Fibre in Devon

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer visited the Jurassic Fibre offices in Honiton on the 10th of June 2022.

20th June 2022 by Ash | 3 min read


A day in the life of our Jurassic Fibre Aftercare team

When you sign up to Jurassic Fibre and need help we send out Josh and Steve in our aftercare team to help sort out any connectivity, wi-fi and router issues straight to your door.

9th June 2022 by Ash | 4 min read


Rural Fibre Broadband in the UK: What can you expect?

Rural communities have been long neglected by the larger broadband providers, and you may well...

6th June 2022 by Ash | 5 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre responds to national rise in living costs and supports South West communities by cutting ultrafast broadband prices

As the cost of living increases, Jurassic Fibre announced price cuts on our broadband prices to support south west communities.

24th May 2022 by Ash | 5 min read


Does Full Fibre Broadband add value to your property?

Just How Important is Full Fibre Broadband to Buyers? The requirement for full fibre broadband is right up there and second only to the overall size of the property. OMDIA’s survey also shows that high-speed broadband has shot to the no.2 position of buyers’ list of priorities. In the Southwest, estate agents even ranked fast internet as their buyer’s number one priority.

15th March 2022 by Ash | 3 min read


Jurassic Fibre supports first region-wide Esports Festival in the South West

Ultrafast broadband provider Jurassic Fibre joined forces with Exeter College and Tech South West for the first ever Esports Festival in the South West.

2nd March 2022 by Ash | 4 min read