Does Full Fibre Broadband add value to your property?

Just How Important is Full Fibre Broadband to Buyers? The requirement for full fibre broadband is right up there and second only to the overall size of the property. OMDIA’s survey also shows that high-speed broadband has shot to the no.2 position of buyers’ list of priorities. In the Southwest, estate agents even ranked fast internet as their buyer’s number one priority.

15th March 2022 by Ash | 3 min read


Jurassic Fibre supports first region-wide Esports Festival in the South West

Ultrafast broadband provider Jurassic Fibre joined forces with Exeter College and Tech South West for the first ever Esports Festival in the South West.

2nd March 2022 by Ash | 4 min read


Don’t let slow internet speeds ruin your game!

Gamers, are you frustrated by slow internet speeds? Our blog provides some tips to improve your speed, and if that doesn't work, switch to Jurassic Fibre to get ultrafast internet to keep you ahead of your competiton.

23rd February 2022 by Ash | 5 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre supports esports at Exeter College Award

Jurassic Fibre continues their support at Exeter College by sponsoring the Esports Academy Student of the Year category. This year it was announced Daisy Batchelor had won the awards at an online event on 10 February 2022.

11th February 2022 by Ash | 2 min read


5 top tips for staying safe on the internet

As part of safer internet day our security expert at Jurassic Fibre wanted to share our top 5 tips for staying safe on the internet

7th February 2022 by Ash | 6 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre Continues Support for Hospiscare

Jurassic Fibre is proud to support Hospiscare as it provides expert end-of-life care to people in need across Exeter, Mid and East Devon.

27th January 2022 by Ash | 3 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre sponsoring first ever region-wide corporate esports festival in the South West

Exeter College is hosting the first esports festival in February 2022 and Jurassic Fibre are sponsors.

17th January 2022 by Ash | 2 min read


What is fibre-optic broadband?

Tired of endless game lag, video buffering and glacial download speeds? People everywhere are expecting...

3rd December 2021 by Josh | 6 min read


What is FTTP?

One of the many acronyms you may notice on adverts for ultrafast broadband is ‘FTTP’....

17th November 2021 by Josh | 7 min read

Company News

Internet ‘milestone’ for Sidmouth as Jurassic Fibre extends its network to the town

Sidmouth is being promised ultrafast internet speeds, with the extension of a full fibre network to the town…

18th June 2021 by Tom | 2 min read

Location News

Roll-out of full fibre broadband gathers pace in Somerset

Jurassic Fibre has announced that the next location to benefit from their ongoing rollout of...

1st June 2021 by Josh | 2 min read

Location News

Jurassic Fibre supports Exmouth with ultrafast full fibre network

Local broadband company Jurassic Fibre is providing ultrafast full fibre connectivity to key businesses and...

18th May 2021 by Josh | 3 min read