Home Broadband Online Safety: Need To Know Guide

Learn the basics of staying safe in a fast-changing world. Get top tips on online safety to protect your family on email and social media

17th February 2023 by Ash | 12 min read

Company News

Fern brings together its retail and wholesale fibre businesses to accelerate UK fibre deployment

Fern Trading Limited today announced that it is consolidating Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre, Giganet and...

8th February 2023 by Eliza | 2 min read


Apprenticeships & T-Levels at Jurassic Fibre  

One of our missions is to invest in apprenticeships, supporting those starting their careers, upskilling, or moving into a new career path. Find out more about our approach to T-Level placements and apprenticeships in Exeter with Jurassic Fibre.

7th February 2023 by Kim | 5 min read


Broadband Security Tips When Working From Home

Staying safe online is paramount, in work and play, but when you’re handling sensitive information,...

7th February 2023 by Kim | 7 min read


Why does my internet slow down in the evenings?

Have you ever wondered why your home broadband slows down in the evenings? We look at why people suffer from slow internet at night and how to improve it.

24th January 2023 by Ash | 4 min read


Jurassic Fibre Sponsors The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares

Jurassic Fibre is sponsoring local charity The Bank of Dreams and Nightmares which runs creative writing workshops for children

11th January 2023 by Ash | 3 min read

Company News

Jurassic Fibre supports Hospiscare with Christmas trees recycling scheme

Jurassic Fibre continues to support Hospicare with it's charity work and it's christmast tree recycling scheme throughout Devon.

3rd January 2023 by Ash | 4 min read


Can your broadband handle the new technology devices this Christmas?

From 4K smart TVs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles or new mobiles, can your broadband handle the new technology devices this Christmas?

15th December 2022 by Ash | 4 min read


My journey as Jurassic Fibre’s first apprentice

Find out first hand what it’s like to be the first apprentice in a fibre ISP in the south west with an interview with Laura Burwood.

15th December 2022 by Ash | 4 min read


Plotting out your career in GIS mapping? Read Eden’s story to inspire you

We interviewed Eden Connolly to find out more about her journey into GIS mapping, thoughts on the future and the importance of diversity in technical roles.

5th December 2022 by Ash | 5 min read


Why upload speeds are just as important as download speeds for your broadband

Do Zoom or Teams video calls freezing at the wrong time? do you suffer from lag when playing online games? could it be your upload speeds...

23rd November 2022 by Ash | 6 min read


Do Extreme Weather Conditions Affect Broadband?

This summer has seen extreme changes in climate across the globe, which we’re being warned...

17th August 2022 by Hallie | 4 min read